My name is Andy Gwaltney and I represent the interests of my neighbors in Ward 1 on the Homewood City Council.  I have lived in Homewood for 7 years with my wife, Lauren, and daughters, Lilly and Adalyn.  I am looking forward to working for you and serving Homewood the next 4 years.  If I may be of service to you please do not hesitate to contact me at  If you have not signed up for the Ward 1 Newsletter please do so on this page to the right.  The newsletter goes out once a week with details about the activities of the council and neighborhood information.


I have served on the Homewood City Council for 4 years representing my neighbors in Ward 1.  Prior to being on the City Council I was active in the city via the Housing Code Abatement Board and Lauren chaired the Board of Zoning Adjustments for about 6 years.  We believe in taking a family approach to serving others whether in municipal activities or volunteering.  Leading by example for our children and neighbors is very important in shaping the character of our community.I have a firm grasp of budgets, financial acumen, and operations from 16 years as a leader and mentor at AT&T, co-founder of Cahaba Brewing Company, and currently direct the regional operations for a wireless integrator.

During the last 4 years I have enjoyed working with my peers on the City Council, City employees, and other municipalities around Birmingham. Building relationships with these wonderful people has brought much joy to me while helping improve our city through constantly learning from others. I’m proud of the numerous projects and initiatives that I have been involved in over the last 4 years and would like to highlight a few:

  • Spring Park in Rosedale – A completely new park built from the ground up
  • Founding the Rosedale Day of Service – An event focused serving our neighbors in the Rosedale community.
  • Pedestrian connectivity on Central Avenue – We added new crosswalks and lighting improvements to improve neighborhood connectivity and pedestrian access
  • 18th St Beautification project – Significant improvements to north 18th St S including parking additions, landscaping, and sidewalks
  • Central Avenue improvements – bike lanes, added parking, and pedestrian safety
  • Capital projects – Facility expansions at Homewood City Schools, a new Public Safety facility for Homewood Police Department, new ball fields and pool in West Homewood, and an expansion of the Homewood Library
  • Regional City Councilor Roundtable – A initiative of City Councilors from around the metropolitan area for greater collaboration
  • Tree planting program – a multi-year program adding trees to city properties and schools while also encouraging a residential planting program

These items are just a few of the projects that have helped make Homewood one of the best places to live. I am proud that these items also accomplished the goals I campaigned on in 2016. Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be sharing on Facebook and Instagram other projects from the last 4 years as well as additional initiatives for 2020 and beyond. While much has been accomplished there’s still more to do. I ask for your support and vote in August. As always, please feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, and requests for campaign signs!

Thank you for your support,

Andy Gwaltney